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Finding the right material for the right job is critical if your are going to build a product which is durable, lightweight, and affordable. Here, Mr. DiGiacopo is holding a puck of Aluminum to demonstrate how a cream whipper body is produced. It takes a big machine to ‘hit’ that puck so hard it ‘flows’ into a mold! That is called a shot extrusion. Many finishing steps take place after the main shape is achieved. Secondary machining produces the fine lines and precision threads on all of our products.

Baked enamel aluminum body, plastic head, food grade coated interior, charge holder,
Instructions and ESPUMA valve included. Colorful POP White Display Box.
6 per carton ship via UPS. Mix and match as needed.

0.50 liter (Pint) capacity 12”h including tip x 4”wide  
UPS Ground ships, 4 pounds. 93%of the time in stock. IMPORTANT: UNITS DO NOT COME WITH GAS. We suggest you order at least 6 boxes of cartridges and several packs of stabilizer.

Item # Description Retail  
22050 White body, white top $50.00
22090 Silver body, white top $50.00
Leland ALL METAL COMMERCIAL Cream Whipper Units
Metal head and body, metal charge holder, Instructions, cleaning brush kit, 10 Leland N20 Cartridges and Stabilizer pack included. Colorful POP Black Display Box. 1-6 per carton ship via UPS.

Item # Description Retail  
22205 0.50 liter Silver Brushed Metal, Chrome head $95.99
Item # Description Retail  
22202 1.0 liter Silver Brushed Metal, Chrome head $129.00
Leland Cream Whipper N20 Gas Cartridges
Pure triple filtered food grade gas in blue painted cartridges. Colorful POP Blue/Yellow Display Box.
25 boxes of 24pc boxes per carton , 36 boxes of 10pc boxes per carton ship via UPS.

Item # Description Retail  
1331 10 pc box (10 pack) Standard in all retail environments $6.08
Item # Description Retail  
1324 24 pc box (24 pack) Commercial foodservice $14.89
Item # Description Retail  
1324-case 1 Case of 25, 24 pc boxes (600 total pcs) Commercial foodservice $270.00
Item # Description Retail  
1350-case 1 Case of 12, 50 pc boxes (600 total pcs) Commercial foodservice $270.00
Limited Edition European Blend 8g N20
Made in small batches exclusively for DiGiacopo. You don’t have to go to Austria to obtain the finest gas from Europe. Loose boxes and cases ship ground UPS daily.  
Item # Description Retail  
1524 24 pc box $13.72
Item # Description Retail  
1524-case 1 Case of 25, 24 pc boxes (600 total pcs) $343.00
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